Steve Earle's Career Threatened By Obama Victory


How about that Onion-esque headline, eh?

But seriously, if the last 8 years have taught us anything it's that liberals love to bitch. They love bitching even more than journalists, who are among the bitchiest group of (somewhat) gainfully employed people as you're likely to find. Watching Obama's victory speech there last Tuesday, I pondered the immediate: What the hell would my friends and I talk about now? Did liberals bitch still when Clinton was giving Americans a pay raise and Jimmy Carter was installing solar panels on the White House lawn? I was too young then, being raised around conservatives, to recall...

Similarly, I wonder what will become of the career of Steve Earle and others like him? Much of Earle's output since 2001 has consisted of railing heavily against the Bush administration. And what of those countless indie artists who were "inspired" by to create post-modern non-masterpieces on the state of our union? "Our man" is now The Man. I just hope for the sake of liberals everywhere that Obama doesn't change everything...

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