Sir Mix-a-Lot and my (not so) big butt


Sir Mix-a-Lot and my (not so) big butt

I got into the office this afternoon to the news that Sir Mix-a-Lot (!) was hanging out in our conference room. What the fuck? I wondered.

Then I immediately got to work: I circled the premises several times to peer through the conference room window, found a camera, and then planted myself at the front desk where really, I have no business being.

I know it's not professional. But c'mon! How often does the man responsible for the anthem for girls with big booties pay a visit to your work?!? I had very little choice. He was quite gracious about it.

I now have a picture that is totally worthy of being my new Facebook profile default photo. Keep a look out for our Nick Feldman's exclusive interview with Mix-a-Lot about the history of hip-hop, producing, and of course, Seattle's music scene to be posted soon.

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