Saturday Show Suggestions

Jimi Hendrix' Birthday Bash feat. Leon Hendrix, Goldy McJohn from Steppenwolf, Roger Fisher from Heart, and Randy Hansen at Club Broadway in Everett, 7 p.m., $10-$15

With drummer Mitch Mitchell's recent death, the physical legacy of the

Jimi Hendrix Experience finally came to an end, 38 years after its

leader's tragic, premature passing. But just because a rock icon is

dead doesn't mean his baby brother can't throw him a rockin' birthday

bash, which is essentially what this gig amounts to. Jimi's younger

sibling is Leon, a 60-year-old former street hustler who didn't pick up

a guitar until six years ago, at roughly the same time when it became

apparent that his exhaustive legal efforts to regain a cut of his

brother's lucrative estate would prove futile. But while critics will

be apt to dismiss Leon and his backing band as a cheap imitation of the

real thing, his prowess proves that playing electric guitar is

hard-coded in the Hendrix DNA. While Leon's singing voice leaves

something to be desired (the same was said of Jimi), he is a

respectable axe wielder, even if an emergence from his brother's long

shadow is virtually impossible at this point, if it was ever possible

to begin with. MIKE SEELY

Over the Rhine, Jim Bianco at Triple Door, Saturday and Sunday, 7:30 p.m., $30 adv, $33 dos, all ages

Hawking original Christmas songs has never been the easiest commercial

venture, but Ohio duo Over the Rhine renounced the pursuit of

mainstream success long ago. Snow Angels, its 2006 collection

of wistful holiday music, didn't reach far beyond the band's devoted

following, but it might be the best soundtrack since A Charlie Brown Christmas for

feeling melancholy and lovesick in December. Over the Rhine's annual

holiday shows promise to draw from Snow Angels and the best of their

earthy, dark-roasted catalogue. The band sells its own coffee online

and the piano-driven music practically begs to be mused upon over one

hot drink or another. Pianist/husband Linford Detweiler crafts songs

with gorgeous open spaces, and vocalist/guitarist/wife Karin Bergquist

fills them with an emotional range that makes sure the meditative music

still flirts and surprises. JON HISKES

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