Who: New Kids on the Block (EEEEEEEEEEEEK!)

Where: Tacoma Dome

When: Saturday,  November 22, 2008 (AKA the best night ever)

The NKOTB concert was scheduled


Saturday Night: NKOTB at Tacoma Dome!


Who: New Kids on the Block (EEEEEEEEEEEEK!)

Where: Tacoma Dome

When: Saturday,  November 22, 2008 (AKA the best night ever)

The NKOTB concert was scheduled to start at 8 p.m. Saturday. Prepping for the show was a bigger ordeal than senior prom. By 2 p.m. my girlfriend Denille and I had started on our makeup. At 3 p.m. her hair was bigger than the Goodyear blimp and I had enough  eye shadow on resemble a strung out heroin addict. By 4 p.m. we were ready to go.


We arrived at 5 p.m. and got a sweet FREE parking spot a block away from the Tacoma Dome. I can't believe people actually shell out $25 to park across the street from the venue. Are you fucking kidding me?!?


Anyway, we still had three hours to kill so we headed to Alfred's Café to get our booze on. The place was already packed with NKOTB fans when we arrived. Hardcore fans who had on their old school NKOTB jackets and t-shirts from when they were 10-years-old. Of course, any NKOTB fan is a friend of mine. And that sentiment seemed to be mutual between all women that night.


a girl wearing NKOTB apparel walked in, Alfred's erupted into cheers.

We all smiled and waved at each other. By the time 7:30 p.m. rolled

around, we'd all exchanged life stories with enough women to start a

close-knit sorority. (We met several fans who'd driven down from Portland because the Oregon show had been canceled.)



has BSB and N'Sync beat when it comes to fans. I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO


my birth control was going to stop working because of all the estrogen

around me.



night's show began at 8 p.m. sharp with opening act Lady GaGa. (Did

anybody see her perform at the Last Supper Club later that night?) I've

seen her three times in the last four months and she just blows me

away. Following Gaga was Natasha Bedingfield. I used that time to buy

booze, which should give you an idea of how captivating a performer she




the BIG MOMENT arrived. Actually, that's not true. It took a long ass

time to arrive. The Tacoma Dome put up some giant screens and invited

fans to text in messages to NKOTB that they then posted. I really hope

it was free, because I sent messages like "Joey marry me," "Joey get

naked" and "Joey u got the right stuff!" wayyy more times than

necessary. My favorite--which I'm disappointed I didn't think of--was a

text somebody sent that read "Joey the test came back--it's yours."

What woman doesn't love Joey McIntyre?  Talk about dreamy... sigh... For him I'd toss the birth control.



dream boy and his posse took the stage at around 9:30 p.m. at which

time we were all foaming at the mouth in anticipation "THEY'RE BACK"

read a huge teleprompter on stage. I screamed. 12,000 other women

screamed.  I went deaf. Everybody began jumping

up and down in their stiletto heels and the entire fucking arena

started shaking. I thought the Dome was going to collapse. And I didn't

care if it did. If I was gonna die, so be it. At least I'd go out in



NKOTB opened with "Single" the hit off their new album The Block.

Then quickly launched into hits like "Didn't I (Blow Your Mind), "My

Favorite Girl" and of course, "You've Got It (The Right Stuff.)" They

later took to the center of the arena to perform some more new tracks,

including "2 in the Morning" and my current favorite "Dirty Dancing."



the night the cameramen continuously zoomed in on Donnie Wahlberg's

crotch and ass cheeks. Not that I'm complaining. NKOTB's resident bad

boy is still hot--even with the receding hairline. (It helped that he

wore a hat the entire time.) Also looking hot were Joey  McIntyre (duh) and Jordan Knight--both of whom performed solo songs.  Jordan

even took off his shirt and caused half the crowd to have an orgasm. I

cannot reiterate how nuts everybody was going. Women go apeshit for

some half naked NKOTB.



night's encore consisted with two of NKOTB's most popular songs, "Step

by Step" and "Hangin' Tough." The boys even threw in a little Queen via

"We Will Rock  You." I've never screamed so loud

in my life. I've never danced so much in my life. I think I lost five

pounds from all the sweating. 12,000 women walked out of the Tacoma

Dome looking like they were on dangerously high levels of Zoloft. I was

one of them.


We listened to NKOTB the entire drive back to Seattle and then debated seeing the boys again in concert. Unfortunately, they're wrapping up their stateside tour this week in California. However, in February they hit Germany and the U.K.


I always have wanted to go to  Europe...

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