My boy band dream is almost complete. In the last three months I’ve witnessed live performances by the Backstreet Boys, Hanson, and now… the original boy band… NKOTB. If I were in sixth grade I would pee my pants with excitement. Hell, I’m still about to pee my pants. The only other thing I could ask for is an LFO reunion tour.

My girlfriend Denille and I have been prepping for this concert for a month. We downloaded the entire NKOTB greatest hits album AND their new album The Block. We’ve studied their choreography. We’re making signs tomorrow morning. (Hers for Donnie, mine for Joey.)

In college I dated a guy that looked exactly like Joey McIntyre for a whopping nine months. He’s an asshole—who for the record, I dumped—but he did not succeed in tainting my love for the real Joey.

Think I’m lame? Laugh all you want, but NKOTB’s concerts have been getting rave reviews. The Boston Herald referred to it as a “resurrection of biblical proportions.” That’s definitely worth braving the shitty parking situation at the Tacoma Dome tomorrow.

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