Howard Wolfson interviews Patterson Hood

Howar?d Wolfs?on,? Hilla?ry Clint?on'?s 2008 Presi?denti?al campa?ign Commu?nicat?ions Director,? Fox News and New Repub?lic contr?ibuto?r, and music?/?polit?ical blogg?er recen?tly inter?viewe?d Drive By Truckers' outspoken frontman, Patterson Hood, shortly after the election. The Truckers are currently on tour with the Hold Steady; look for my joint interview with Hood and Hold Steady guitarist Tad Kubler a couple of weeks (the tour has a two night stop at the Showbox later this month). You can read Wolfson's complete interview over here. I particularly like the image of HS and DBT periodically shooting off bottle rockets outside their tour buses as it became increasingly apparent that Obama was going to win.

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