John Doe and Kathleen Edwards singing "We'll Sweep Out The Ashes"

It must be the week for Seattle Weekly employees to meet famous people they


Also Last Night: Brickner Meets Kathleen Edwards At The Sunset, Acts Dweeby

John Doe and Kathleen Edwards singing "We'll Sweep Out The Ashes"

It must be the week for Seattle Weekly employees to meet famous people they love! Before that benefit show happened, I had been planning on going to see Kathleen Edwards at the Tractor Tavern last night. Because I love Kathleen Edwards' music. I truly do. And Seely's glowing review did not help me feel better about missing her show last night. That said, last night's shindig at the Sunset was really fun, and I'm really glad I went. In fact, it was very nearly sold out. I was standing there watching the Moondoggies when I saw a lone woman with curly hair standing against the wall by herself. And it was KATHLEEN EDWARDS. She must have stopped in after her set down the road at the Tractor.

Usually, when it comes to approaching to my favorite artists as a fan instead of a journalist (or, hell, even as a journalist), I am very bad at being brave. For example, David Berman was two feet away from me at the Silver Jews show in Portland and I did not say anything to him because I don't know what to say to a man who's made some of my favorite music in the world. Anything I could have said just seemed inadequate, you know? So I said nothing and just stared at him like a creepy stalker. I also think that if I ever ran into Neko Case (whose entire catalogue I have memorized), I'd probably melt into a puddle on the floor. And Kathleen Edwards is right on up there with Neko among my favorite female songwriters performing today (and I have also memorized a lot of her music.)

But I need to stop being a dweeb. I'm supposed to be a professional. So I marched up to her and said, "Excuse me...but you're Kathleen Edwards, aren't you?" She looked positively taken aback that I recognized her. But she was really nice and kindly tolerated my blathering on about how much I loved her and how I was listening to her album on the way here and how I'd seen her several times and was going to be at her show tonight if not for the benefit and that our office loves her new album, especially our managing editor and our web editor and, uh, me. Yeah. It was smooth. Real smooth.

And then she asked, "Who is this band? They're really good." I said, "The Moondoggies! They're great, right? They're on Hardly Art." I then asked her how her show went. She said it went well.

Then I did some more blathering and was like, 'Well I was going to look for Chris the web editor (to be like, 'OMG OMG KATHLEEN EDWARDS IS IN THE HOUSE PREPARE YOURSELF'), but it was so good to meet you!" AND THEN WE HUGGED. I am such a creep. She was probably terrified of me. But Kathleen Edwards, if you're reading this, I want you to know that I'm normally not that awkward. I just really like your music and don't know how to act around people who make music that's important to me. also, I will totally go to your show at the Snoqualmie Casino (?) in January if I can afford it. That is all.

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