Saturday Night: Celine Dion (and white wine shortage) at Tacoma Dome


Alfre's Cafe takes advantage of the concert rush with its Celine "Dijon" (har har) sandwich.

Who: Celine Dion

Where: Tacoma Dome

When: Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thousands of worshippers journeyed to see God (aka Celine Dion) perform at the Tacoma Dome Saturday. It was the Canadian diva's first time back in the Seattle area in eight years. Her Taking Chances World Tour has been a whopping success so far—in Montreal she played 11 shows in because tickets sold out so fast. Canadians love them some Celine.

Apparently, so do white wine drinkers. The Tacoma Dome actually ran out of it. Only at a Celine Dion concert would you run out of white wine before red. Even more of a suprise, nobody had any qualms about letting concert goers enter the venue vwith drinks in tow.

“Can I bring these in?” I asked incredulously, as I double fisted two cups of Chardonnay and saw several people before me do the same.

“Ummm… I don’t think you’re supposed to bring in alcohol once the lights go down, but I haven’t been paying much attention,” a bored attendant replied.

Huh??? Nobody’s giving me shit for chugging alcohol 15 feet away from Celine AND the concession stands actually accept my American Express card??? All hail Celine!!!

At 9 p.m. the lights dimmed and giant screens began playing clips of Celine in Tokyo, Celine in Johannesburg, Celine in Manchester. (The point: Bow down to Celine, bitches. She’s an international sensation, lest you forgot.)

God (Celine) then emerged and launched into her dance cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “I Drove All Night.” She earnestly ran across stage on her twiggy legs and contorted her face as she wailed in that crazy big voice of hers. Sometimes she pretended to be tearful and threw her arms up in the air in an “I’m not worthy” gesture. Not gonna lie—I bought it hook, line, and sinker everytime, going nuts along with everybody else in the crowd.

There were plenty of covers Saturday night including an awesome version of Heart’s “Alone” and strangely enough, Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and “The Show Must Go On.” Hands down, her most gorgeous rendition of the night was “The Prayer,” in which collaborator Andrea Bocelli joined her via projection screen to deliver. The only disappointing part of the show was that Celine blended together “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” and “Because You Loved Me” together into a quick song. C’mon! The former is her most melodramatic song ever—it deserves to be delivered live in its eight minute entirety.

Truth be told: I’m not a diehard Celine fan. I mean, I like her. I think she can outsing a shitload of people in the world. And I happen to know quite a few of her songs—as do many of us who live on the planet Earth and have access to modern devices like the radio and television. But I'm not like some of the concert goers I’d met who’d bought their tickets more than a year in advance, shelling out $125 plus per person. Anyway, all distinctions within the fanbase went out the window once the diva performed. Suddenly, I was cheering for the sequin-clad gay icon acting gayer than the gayest man in the crowd. (Believe me, I had my competition cut out for me.)

Big suprise: Celine’s encore consisted of “My Heart Will Go On." She came onstage in an evening dress surrounded by chandeliers and footage from Titanic, including the infamous steamy hand on the window scene. My companion gave me a sideways glance and guffawed. “Are you CRYING?”

“I’m just a little teary eyed,” I sniffed defensively. “I had a lot of wine, okay?”

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