Kickin' it at the Salmon Bay Eagles.

I hope this is as big as REVERBfest ever gets. There's something special about pulling the cream of


Last Night: REVERBfest: Tad, KEG, the Salmon Bay Eagles, and More


Kickin' it at the Salmon Bay Eagles.

I hope this is as big as REVERBfest ever gets. There's something special about pulling the cream of the local scene into one place all at the same time. Something about last night's feel-good, Kokanee & Vitamin Water-fueled binge of local music would be lost the minute the focus shifted toward attracting a crowd with a headliner other than the best of Seattle music.

It's not just because I saw, as Brian pointed out this morning, much of the sweat and stubbed toes that went into the event, that I say that of all of this year's festivals -- Bumbershoot, Sasquatch!, Pemberton -- this was by far the best time I've had.

After spending the first part of the day roaming around all the venues, I spent four hours working the door at the Salmon Bay Eagles, and just couldn't shake the grin off my face through sets by Boat, Mono in VCF, Black Whales, and even Aqueduct (we'll get there). The vibe was astounding, right down to the supportive parents couching it in the side room, and the Eagles members talking my ear off about how great it was to see this kind of event go down in Ballard.

I loved everything about it.

3:30 p.m.ish: Elder Mason, The Tractor


These guys opened with a mid-afternoon arena rock set, toting in their own light show, fog machine, and prerecorded intro.

4 p.m.ish, Hazelwood Motel, Conor Byrne's



5 p.m.ish, The Crying Shame, Conor Byrne's


Arlan and Teo of The Crying Shame did us the honor pre-REVERBfest to take the ferry to Bremerton and perform for the first of what will hopefully be many Music on the Ferry installments. During this set, Arlan told the crowd about the excursion with The Moondoggies, and about how impressed he was with Bremerton's newly developed waterfront. A few minutes later I was walking by some of Ballard's gorgeous new tenement sand commented to a colleague about how great it would be to live in one of the sparkly condos just off Ballard Ave. And it got me thinking: those of you who are pining for Old Ballard, and want a grimy blue-collar town to come home to should THINK BREMERTON. This area's not a t a loss for towns without Sam's Sushi, Cupcake Royale, and other luxuries.

6 p.m.ish, KEG, The Bit


Holy crap. This one man (+ eyeliner) glam rock band destroyed his boots and sliced open his hand. And that was only after 10 minutes. Nice.

6:30ish, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, The Sunset


Words fail me. I was completely enraptured by the strength of this this Tad Doyle-led trio. Unbelievable. Pretty, indie-pop doesn't stand a chance.

11 p.m.ish, Aqueduct, Salmon Bay Eagles


This troopers were set back from the start. The stage was running behind by close to an hour by the time they were up. Then assorted technical difficulties prevented them from producing an entire song for the better part of 25 minutes. But, the faithful who remained were treated to some new material, and David Terry & co. soldiered through like champs.

1:20 a.m. ish, Little Gary, V.I.P. Room


The birthday boy shed a few tears when he couldn't get in to see The Moondoggies. But, we perked him up with a Maritime Nightwatch and a cardboard cutout of Bob Marley. Actually, I think Gary paid for those beers. Thanks, G.

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