Reminder: Benefit For Rock & Roll Camp For Girls


Reminder: Benefit For Rock & Roll Camp For Girls

  • Reminder: Benefit For Rock & Roll Camp For Girls

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    Our good friend Laura Cassidy (who also happens to be the woman largely responsible for me taking this job), sent an email reminder about a fundraiser/good time being held this Sunday, October 5 @ 4 p.m. at Spencer Moody's Anne Bonney junk/treasure shop. Every dollar raised will go to the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls in Portland.

    Full details can be found after the jump!

    Please join us next Sunday Oct 5 at 4p.m. at Spencer Moody's Anne Bonney on Capitol Hill for a fundraiser/good time in honor of our dear friend Elena Steuber.

    EVERY DOLLAR RAISED on Sunday and throughout the show's run will go directly to Rock and Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, Oregon to replenish the Elena Steuber Memorial Scholarship Fund. [for more on the camp and the scholarship coffer, please visit] The scholarship was established after Elena's death in 2007 and is just one way that our remarkable friend has managed to stay here on earth, making music and more good times. Death gives way to a lot of things, but only in rare and special cases does death give way to little girls stepping on guitar pedals and banging on drums. In the spirit of all that, one goal of the show's organizers was to make it easy for friends, viewers, and visitors to spend --- or, rather, donate --- anywhere from $1 to $250 to Rock and Roll Camp for Girls. To that end...

    At the core of this get together, officially titled Tragedy Brought Me Up, is a project that Elena began before her death; several of her friends (some artists, some who have never shown art before) have taken pieces from Elena's project and interpreted them and finished the work on her behalf. This art, along with other art and craft items donated for the event -- from photography to plush creatures (see Coco Howard's work at to jewelry (see amazing celluloid rings by Chicago-area artist Bob Dodd here and paintings -- will be silent auctioned throughout the evening. Other great stuff, such as gift certificates to Dahlia Lounge and the West Seattle shoe shop Clementine, will be raffled. In a manner befitting the woman we're honoring, there will be other random things on offer as well; expect mix-tapes by notable local musicians, vintage tee shirts, and homemade snacks. Ken Jarvey of the Can't See and other local bands will play olde-timey piano tunes and Spencer's awesome junk/treasure shop will be open for business as usual until 9 p.m. that night.

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