Question: Has A Musician Influenced Your Vote?


Plenty of musicians have stepped up to the plate to endorse presidential candidates the last few elections. Whether it be Eddie Vedder for Ralph Nader in 2000, Bruce Springsteen for John Kerry in 2004, or, heck, Springsteen again in 2008, but this time endorsing Obama.

The celebrity endorsement is an interesting phenomenon and when big-time folks like Oprah Winfrey step into the game (as she did earlier this year), you know that it actually means something to Americans when their favorite personality pledges support.

So, with only 6 days left before this election is over (6 days! Thank f'n christ), I'm wondering if any of you out there were swayed to vote one way or the other because of a musician's endorsement?

Whether it be the Arcade Fire's tireless support for Obama, or Hank Williams Jr urging you to vote McCain-Palin via phone last Saturday...I'm just curious...

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