Pleasureboaters Break-up: It's Official


Photo by Rabid Child Images

I was really hoping I'd jumped the gun and reported something too soon when I mentioned the Pleasureboaters breaking up in my column last week, but I did finally get official confirmation from their label (Don't Stop Believin' Records) that this is the unfortunate truth. The only part I got wrong was where former frontman Ricky Claudon high-tailed it to: he and his wife are in Chicago, not New York.

This is a big drag: they were easily one of this city's most promising young punk bands, and one that myself and this paper championed almost from their inception. We will be left with one consolation prize in video form; a video for the song "Elliptical Realism" is being finished up as I type this. I'll post it as soon as it's available.

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