Pandora, You Don't Know Me!

Karla Starr already wrote eloquently about Pandora and iLike. I had never paid attention to these "recommended if you like" sites much before. But then my wife started fucking around on Pandora (Radio from the Music Genome Project) and so, y'know, I did too. But I have to say, this music genome project is a farce, man. I punched "John Cale" into the artist search and it spit back some cool Cale songs that I already owned but didn't mind listening to at work. But when I came to similar songs and artists, I was given The Smiths, the Psychedelic Furs, Dire Straits, and Billy Joel.

Billy Joel?

So, I moved on to Lou Reed. What I got was nothing but a stream of more Lou Reed songs with some Velvet Underground mixed in. I didn't mind these selections one bit because, honestly, when I'm listening to Lou Reed, I usually just want to listen to nothing but more Lou Reed.

But Billy Joel? Because I'm listening to John Cale you think I want to listen to Billy Joel?

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