Mistah Fab "Ghost Ride It"


Mistah Fab, Dough, Heaven Nightclub, $20

I could kick myself hard enough to bruise for not writing up Mistah


Mistah Fab (ulous) Weekend Show Suggestions

Mistah Fab "Ghost Ride It"


Mistah Fab, Dough, Heaven Nightclub, $20

I could kick myself hard enough to bruise for not writing up Mistah Fab's appearance at Heaven Nightclub tonight. Any Mac Dre fans out there? Well, Mistah Fab not only collaborated with the late great Mac Dre (the Shakespeare of hip hop, may he rest in peace), but he is on Mac Dre's label and is going to be here tonight to fulfill all your dancing needs. Tonight! EEEEEK! ......inner thirteen-year-old retreating now.

Steel Tigers of Death, Reptilian Civilian, Funhouse, 9:30 p.m., $5

A different sort of dance music-- the punk rock kind. Featuring PDX badasses Reptilian Civilian, who put on a loud, proud, irreverent sort of show.

Feel The Fielder benefit, The Station (in Ballard), 8 p.m.

This show is a benefit for Sera Cahoone and band, whose gear was stolen (ain't it always the way?) in Jersey. Where else? This includes a benefit dinner, raffle and Jeff Fielder look-alike contest. Should be a good time, for a good cause...Zach Harjo and Kurt Bloch'll be there, as will a host of other familiar Seattle names. Flier doesn't say how much it costs, but considering this is a benefit, it's gonna cost you SOMEthing.

WHY?, Restiform Bodies, Vera Project, 7:30 p.m., $10-$11, all ages (obviously)

Wait a minute. Wasn't anticon records' WHY? just here, oh, five months ago? Yes. And at the very same venue, no less. But hey, for those who missed WHY? last time, here's a second chance to appreciate Alopecia live, which, as I said back in April, is not only WHY?'s most accessible album, but the band's most polished. And they didn't sacrifice Yoni Wolf's offbeat, cynical lyrical stylings in the name of pop, either; it's just that, as a whole, Alopecia is much catchier than any album WHY?'s produced thus far. More notably, WHY? tours with Restiform Bodies, an anticonian weird hop project that, New Wave influences and abstract rhyme-writing notwithstanding, doesn't stray quite as far from traditional hip hop styles than most other anticon artists' work of late. Restiform Bodies is a trio of childhood friends - that is, Telephone Jim Jesus' George Chadwick on synth, percussionist beat producer Matt Valerio (of Bomarr) and songwriter and MC extraordinaire David Bryant - who, after changing their band name from Passage to Restiform Bodies, put out their long-awaited anticon debut, TV Loves You Back, on September 30. Which makes me wonder if maybe Restiform Bodies shouldn't be headlining, since they're the ones with a brand-new record and all. SB

Genghis Tron, Baroness, Studio Seven, 8 p.m., $10 adv., $12 dos

Presaging the brutal efficiency of tomorrow's touring group, Genghis Tron delegates its rhythm-section responsibilities to keyboard programming. While the Philadelphia-based trio sacrifices the excitement inherent in watching a drummer pound out blast beats, it doesn't lose any velocity in its transition to electronic grindcore. The trio recoups some stage-show flash with proficient prog-metal guitarist Hamilton Jordan's two-hand tapping solos. Vocalist Mookie Singerman (!) alternates deftly between harsh screeches and dark new-wave crooning. The group just released the first installment of a five-disc remix project, on which the likes of Black Moth Super Rainbow and Jesu's Justin K. Broadrick expand the songs' sonic spectrums with psychedelic, drone and ambient elements. Unlike traditionally instrumented rock bands, Genghis Tron could cue any of these revamped backdrops live-with the push of a sampler button-without disrupting the show's flow. AM


REVERBfest, Ballard, 3 p.m. - 1 p.m.ish, with 4 all-ages venues

Yeah, we know there are other good shows going on tonight, but none of them can hold a candle to REVERBfest. Go ahead and read all about it in our REVERBfest guide to see the plethora of bands playing tomorrow, all of which you can access for a mere $8-$10 (or $5-$7 if you're underage). These local musicians love you; show 'em some love back!

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