Blood Red Dancers

4 p.m., Blood Red Dancers, the Sunset Tavern

I started the evening with Blood Red Dancers, a three-piece band that manages to


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Blood Red Dancers

4 p.m., Blood Red Dancers, the Sunset Tavern

I started the evening with Blood Red Dancers, a three-piece band that manages to create some really trippy, rough-around-the-edges rock and roll without the use of any guitar whatsoever. Just bass, keys and drums. This band deserves every last ounce of hype they've received...and probably more. I was pleased to see that they had a solid audience at the Sunset, even though it was early in the day. I bought their EP. You should too.

5 p.m., Crying Shame, Conor Byrne's

Last time I saw these guys was at Jules Maes and everyone was standing around, drinking copiously and talking. Conor Byrne's seemed a little more reserved; it was an older crowd, everyone was sitting down and the band started with their least twangy numbers, though the twang seemed to increase as the set progressed. Arlan's got this deep, sonorous voice that sort of reminds me of David Berman's, but only a little. They're playing the Sunset on the 20th, if you missed their set. And please, when you go to that show? Stand up near the stage. It's more fun that way.

5:30 p.m. (okay, more like 6 for me), Husbands, Love Your Wives, Mr. Spot's Chai House

I wrote the feature on Jaime for the REVERBfest guide, so I wanted to stop in, say hi and see what her set would be like with a bigger backing band (Toby Gordon, Erik Neumann and Joe Syversen joined her). She makes quiet music that suits the chai-house vibe, but I must confess; it felt like sort of an odd space, mainly because the four of them were set up in the middle of the Chai House, but the place was packed with people sitting on the floor, all living-room style. If you missed some of it like I did, they've got a show coming up on the 13th at the Comet Tavern.

6 p.m.(isH), Canary Sing, Market Street Athlete

These women-- that is, Madeleine the Lioness and Ispire (Hollis)-- are dynamite poets and charismatic performers who should have packed the Market Street Athlete out, but no: the place was, at its peak, half-full. Other than that? They were awesome; we heard the songs they've been performing from their current EP, and they also tried out a new one called "Half Breed" (Madeline and Hollis are both biracial, and that identity influences some of their music, though it doesn't define their entire sound). I also loved it when they did "Heroines," a superhero "battle" that's one of my favorites, mainly because of the line "Girl, I'll serve you like couscous." Someday, I will find a good reason to say that to someone I know, and when it happens, I will come to the blog immediately and brag about it. We also enjoyed a little comic relief from Hari Kondabolu and Rajnii Eddins, an emcee I'd never heard before, came up and did a nice little freestyle, too. It was worth seeing 90% of their set and missing a couple other bands I wanted to see, as well, because they aren't doing many shows these days in order to work on their first full-length album...and, uh, finish their senior year of college. That too. But they'll be at ToST this and most Wednesday night(s), if you're in the area.

9:30 p.m. (I think), The Valkyries, Bit Saloon

After Canary Sing, I headed back to the Sunset to try and catch the end of Brothers of A Sonic Cloth. But I missed it. Suck. So I headed to the Bit Saloon, where I tried to divide my time between watching the Valkyries and Neon Nights, awesome local bands that are basically dating each other, while helping my partner work the door. I couldn't get into the thick of things, and it would've been difficult even if I wasn't sharing a wristband-selling shift. The place was packed. I've never seen the Bit so busy, neither had the employees, and neither had Rob 'n Riot, bassist for the Valkyries and a very nice person who happens to possess one of the very best stage names in all of Seattle. Not even our bite-sized, very-experienced photographer Laurie could get to the front of the crowd to shoot this show. That is how packed it was. The Valkyries, in case you're as-yet unaware, are Seattle's foremost all-female punk band, and these women are tough as nails. There is absolutely nothing frail or girly about Stevie's growl, and that is why it is so very badass. If you missed them, they've got a show coming up at the Skylark on the 18th, which will be FREE.

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