Karl Blau Wants To Teach You How to Do Rad Stuff With Looping Pedals and Other Devices


This sexy hunk of man is Karl Blau, an awesome, experimental sort of songwriter on K Records. And on Saturday, November 1st, he is hosting a workshop at Department of Safety. It begins at 1 p.m., lasts for three hours, and costs $15. If you've purchased yourself some of that fun equipment, but don't know how to use it, here's your opportunity! You know, the stuff Karl Blau uses to make all those trippy vocal layers (as does Sweet Potatoes, who performed at REVERBfest and will hopefully perform again soon, as I missed her set.)

The course is called Quality Home Recording: Creative, Fun, and Sonically Rich (emphasis on stand alone audio recording multi-trackers.) Here's the Official Course Description:

Explore the many facets of home recording. Achieve contrast in your recordings through various mic placements and EQing, get good strong levels, minimizing distortion (if you want to), and learn how to bounce tracks while keeping a good recording quality. We'll even mix down to a tape deck and exercise techniques there too. This class is going to be very hands on; bring your recording machine, headphones, tape/available memory and favorite microphone. To reserve a spot, email thekarlblau@yahoo.com

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