Razrez- Sen Yok

For those of you who have not already cemented your Halloween plans (or do not plan to attend the Sonics show), these


Halloween Show Suggestions

Razrez- Sen Yok

For those of you who have not already cemented your Halloween plans (or do not plan to attend the Sonics show), these shows will all be certifiably bangin'. Everyone and their mom's bar is having a Halloween party; here are just a few of the ones we think you'd enjoy:

Come As You Aren't Battle of the Bands at Skylark Cafe, 8 p.m., FREE

The premise here, as Hannah mentioned in Rocket Queen this week, is that local bands will be coming as different, more popular bands and duking it out. In costume. Here are the bands who'll be playing this year:

Speedmop: Elvis & the Memphis Mafia

Bone Cave Ballet: Duran Duran

Kings of Outlaw Country: The Cramps

M. Bison: The Kinks

Helen Chance: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

We Wrote The Book On Connectors: The Beastie Boys

H is For Hungry Danelli: Nirvana

Apple War: Queen

Truckasaurus, Copy, Recess, Trashy Trash Dj's, Kadeejah Streets, Suntzu Sound, Kamui, Absolute Madman at Lo-Fi, 9 p.m., $6 in costume, $10 without (so you better come up with something, mofos!)

Whoa. This is one helluva collection of some of Seattle's best hip hop acts (hello, Truckasaurus!), DJs and electronic music masterminds. Rest assured, the Lo-Fi will be teeming with sexy, sweaty, undulating bodies.

Razrez CD release! with Neon Nights, the Valkyries, Man Plus at Comet Tavern, 9 p.m., $7

I can proudly endorse every single band on this bill, but it's supposed to be the CD release for Razrez' electronic weirdo metal album, which, I should add, comes in a badass leather snap case. However, I'd already written up Man Plus by the time I got the CD, since Man Plus isn't playing any shows until next spring:

If you haven't picked up bizarro pop specialist Man Plus' second record yet, The Hungarian Suicide Songbook, you no longer have an excuse, because the band is giving it away for free on their website (www.manplusrocks.com). It's a modgepodge of an album, one that invokes seminal satiri-punk outfit the Dead Milkmen as much as it does electro-nerds the Neptunes. Jared Mills' vocals even sound a little like Milkmen frontman Joe Genaro, but it's the band's satirical approach that really reminds me of the Milkmen. Only that sense of humor is set to electronic guitar-pop music instead of straight-up punk rock. But the punk influence does come out sometimes: Hungarian Suicide track "Kisses Don't Like Me Anymore" contains vocals that are half-spoken, but instead of heavy guitar and pounding drums, Mills' voice is set to synthy keyboard and a few guitar interjections. Since part of Man Plus is heading to Tokyo to hang out and possibly start recording their next album, this will be the band's last Seattle show until spring 2009.

Partman Parthorse (CD Release), the Lights, Coconut Coolouts, Black Daisy at High Dive, 9 p.m., $6

me again:

From what I've heard of psychopunk band Partman Parthorse's second release, Year of the Jerk, this show will serve up every last ounce of the dance party devilment you should be seeking out tonight. Frontman Gary Smith's known for prancing about in his undies at shows, but the real attraction is the high-energy, distorted guitar work and Smith's sexy growl (he's kinda like the Sinatra of rock and roll music; the ladies love him, and he gets away with murder because of his titillating vocals). They're joined by the Coconut Coolouts, a slightly louder band with a similar post-punk sensibility, but the fuzz makes 'em sound like they record their albums in a basement, in contrast to Partman Parthorse's New Wave-y sensibilities and more polished recordings. A disclaimer: this show is not one for the prudish, squeamish or claustrophobic. If the costume you've spent weeks constructing gets ripped, or ripped off, in the first five minutes of the show, we are not responsible.

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