Fred And Toody Cole Finish The Portland Marathon!



Here's a fact: Fred and Toody Cole (of Dead Moon/Pierced Arrows fame) live more in one week than the rest of us do in a year. Fred had threatened to me a few years ago (as he had with many others) that he was going to run the Portland Marathon someday. When he told me this, he was on his umpteenth cigarette of the day and we had been drinking Yukon Jack and Bud all afternoon on his backporch. But I had to believe the guy. This weekend, he finally did it...and so did his wife Toody and their son Weeden. These people are nuts!

Fred emailed yesterday and said they had to wake up a 4 a.m., drive into Portland for the worst marathon weather ever...windy, rainy, shitty, cold. At mile 21, Fred says his legs and the backs of his heels went out on him, his son Weeden blew a hamstring, so they jogged/limped/walked slowly the rest of the way. They finished somewhere in the middle of the pack at about 6 1/2 hours. Toody finished about a mile ahead of them. Then...and this is the best part...

"By the time we got home we could hardly get up the stairs. We all got drunk and passed out for close to 24 hrs and I can still barely walk. We're heading out on the US tour at 5am this morning and play 12 gigs in a row before a day off."

Like my wife said: "I think they might be, like, really insane!"

Yes, insane and totally badass awesome!!!

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