Vedder to Cubs: Someday We'll Go All the Way


Eddie Vedder performs a solo acoustic show at the Wiltern in Hollywood on Sunday, April 13. Photo by Robin Laananen.

I finally heard Eddie Vedder's love letter to the Cubs this afternoon. Cool. Great. They need all the love and luck they can get. They're World Series contenders, history's working against them, and they're for sale. HOWEVER, Eddie, I know it wouldn't make sense to write a song for our Mariners, seeing as you skip Seattle on your solo tours (we don't count the surprise warm-ups), but don't you have something saved up for Ichiro and the gang? Sending luck to the Cubs at this point is like the blackjack dealer that says "good luck" when he deals you and ace (cubs). The don't need help. When I get a 6 (Ms), then I need help, and a song written by Eddie Vedder. Anything? An outtake from Yield?

p.s. Anyone else think Vedder pulled this song, "(Someday We'll Go) All the Way," from his Jr. High spiral notebook and re-wrote the verses for the Cubbies????

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