The Guitar Hero Phenomena


I just came across this article on GameDaily (which I do NOT read on a regular basis). Apparently Aerosmith is raking in the dough, thanks to Guitar Hero.

The rockers are even debuting some new songs... via the video game! How bizarre is that? And it's not just Aerosmith. Motley Crue's CEO of management even predicts in the story that "pretty soon this is going to be the way you sell music."

Wow. Who would've thought that one day Motley Crue and Aerosmith would be on the same level of coolness as gamers. It amazes me just how many older musicians are jumping on the Guitar Hero bandwagon. I also think it's pretty awesome that younger people are being exposed to music via the medium.

A couple weeks ago, I saw Pat Benatar at Emerald Queen Casino (don't hate) and she introduced her song "Heartbreaker" by proudly declaring that the audience might recognize the song from the video game. Another 80's band, Heart, is featured on the game and I hate to admit it, but I never knew their hit "Baracuda" until I rocked out to it via a plastic guitar and television set.

I personally think it'd be fun if musicals started getting the video game treatment. Wouldn't it be great if young people started to recognize and appreciate songs from musicals other than RENT? How cool would it be if we all started to belt out songs from Hedwig and the Angry Inch on the regular?!? Or am I just really, really gay?

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