The Nextdoor Neighors, who'll be at Vera Project on Saturday to celebrate the release of their new record. Photo courtesy of Bicycle Records and Chona


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The Nextdoor Neighors, who'll be at Vera Project on Saturday to celebrate the release of their new record. Photo courtesy of Bicycle Records and Chona Kasinger. Thanks guys!

Resuming our regularly-scheduled programming (my scheduled post didn't happen while I was on vacation last weekend. Hrmph. What is up with this blog?), here are some weekend show recommendations in addition to the stuff we've got going on in Short List this week. There are a lot of great, but expensive concerts happening. Choose wisely!


The Living Legends, the Bayliens, Sandpeople Neumos, 8 p.m. $18 adv.

The Legends just put out a new EP, The Gathering, which features every single emcee on every single track. It is a pretty damn good EP, and is more or less exactly what we've come to expect some of independent hip hop's finest, most prolific entrepreneurs. Plus, they're performing with the Sandpeople (no surprises there), who are trying to market themselves similarly with their ten-person crew. And will probably succeed, too.

The Toadies, the Blakes, Showbox at the Market, 8 p.m., $18-$20. All ages.

I should not have to explain why this show will be badass. The Toadies disbanded in 2001, before I ever got to see them live, and now they're back together. I have not heard their new album yet (if you have, please comment with thoughts), but I think it would be worth every penny of the $20 you'd have to shell out today to hear "Possum Kingdom" live. Plus, the Blakes open.

Hammer of the Gods!, Jules Maes Saloon, 9 p.m., $5, tonight AND Saturday

Brothers of the Sonic Cloth? The Emeralds? The Valley? Bacchus? Sign me up, please! Plus, Valis, Mos Generator and Tooth of Dead Bison.This actually is a two-day affair; Valis, Mos Generator, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth and Tooth of Dead Bison play tonight, while the Valley, Emeralds, Bacchus and a guest play Saturday. If you live near Georgetown and like loud metal, this will be a good way to spend the weekend. But bring earplugs. No, seriously. But you can see Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, Baccus and the Emeralds at REVERBfest too, if you can't make it to this. (other metal bands.)


The Nextdoor Neighbors' CD release with DJ David Wolf, DJ Buoyant Brain at the Vera Project, 7:30 p.m., $5

The Nextdoor Neighbors are a two-person concern out of Olympia. Vocalist Jessie Hill and electronicist Kathy Cote make magic on their new record, Magic Vs. The Machine, which they'll be releasing at the Vera Project tonight on Bicycle Records. Go check these ladies out if you haven't already, or even if you have; Jessie Hill's sugary voice is oh-so-endearing, and Kathy Cote knows her way around a synthesizer. F'real.

Helios Creed's Chrome, Father Murphy, Vast Void at the Funhouse, 9:30 p.m., $10

This one WAS in Short List, but it bears repeating because this might be Helios Creed/Chrome's LAST TOUR EVER. Especially since Michael Alan Goldberg accidentally forgot a word in the name of the label (and I, stupidly, did not correct it), which is, in fact, called "Amphetamine REPTILE Records." Oops. Our bad. Anyhow, here's what he had to say about Helios Creed:

His was a completely mind-blowing and utterly unique combination of space-rock, way-fucked-up psychedelia and acid-punk, noise rock, and industrial chaos, created with a vast array of guitar pedals and bizarre sonic experiments.

And of course, Fremont Oktoberfest. All kinds of good shit happening there, all damn day. If I manage to drag my sorry ass out of bed early enough tomorrow, I will go see Lonesome Rhodes and the Good Company at noon, followed by the Pica Beats (whose new album is dropping soon on Hardly Art) at 1. Because after that is chainsaw pumpkin carving. Holy shit. The rest of the line-up is awesome as well, and it is as follows:

5:15pm The Quiet Ones

6:15pm The Moondoggies

7:15pm Shane Tutmarc & The Traveling Mercies

8:15pm Shim

9:15pm The Pale Pacific

10:15pm Cancer Rising

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