Croc Set for a late January/early February opening!!!!

I just got off the phone with Kerri Harrop, who was tapped by the Croc's new owners/investors (which included the aforementioned Marcus Charles and Susan Silver) to handle PR for the club's re-opening. I'll have a complete statement for you shortly. Oh, happy day!

UPDATE: Here's Kerri's exclusive statement:

"I can tell you that we are planning on a late January/early February opening. Marcus has assembled a good team of investors including Alice in Chains manager Susan Silver and [AIC drummer] Sean Kinney, who are both really behind the project and really excited about it.

Also of interest is the fact that Via Tribunali will be opening a new location and that location will take up the back bar of the Crocodile space.

Jim Anderson will be on board running the sound. A booking agent has not been decided upon yet; we are talking to a few different people.

The whole space is getting overhauled, addressing issues such as that unsightly, god-awful column in the middle of the show room. I think people are going to be very, very pleased.

It will look different. To be honest with you, there wasn't a lot worth saving in there. Unfortunately, the Crocodile had fallen on some hard days towards the end there, so as far as accouterments within the club, there's not a whole lot worth salvaging. It's a pretty extensive job. There will definitely be a nod and acknowledgment to the past, but the space is being completely overhauled for better sight-lines in the room and to maximize the sound potential in that room."

You heard it here first, dear Reverb readers.

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