Bumbershoot: Three Sentence Review of Xavier Rudd


obligatory crappy over-the-crowd shot

Who: Xavier Rudd

When: 9:30 Monday

Where: Fisher Green Stage

Xavier Rudd was the perfect Bumbershoot closer. It was small, by Bumbershoot standards (most folks, I think, were at Death Cab), but most of us who were there were dancing. Rudd is an unbelievably talented musician. The guy sings, blows on the didgeridoo, plays the harmonica, the bongos, slide guitar, regular guitar, the chime thingies and a base pedal – sometimes all in the same song. When he comes back, somebody, please, make sure I know. I know I claimed that the Black Keys were the height of my Bumbershoot 2008 experience, but that declaration was seriously challenged last night. Rudd was ridiculous.

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