Bumbershoot: Three-Sentence Review of Dan Deacon


Dan Deacon, 4:15 p.m., Exhibition Hall Stage. Dan explains the rules of the dance contest to the first young contestant

After the insanity (and dare I say injustice) of Monotonix's shortened set, seeing Dan Deacon not only helped ease my rancor, it made me decide that heaven is going to a Dan Deacon show every weekend for the rest of my life.


A photo of one of our triangles getting down to beat the pants off those silly circles (nobody's a square at a Dan Deacon show!)

Like Monotonix, Dan Deacon gets down in the crowd to do his electro-thing, and, as he explained to us, he's not used to such a huge venue, so he promptly took advantage and utilized the space thusly: first, by having a dance contest (one side of the room, the circles, versus my side of the room, the triangles), followed a relay race, with a grand finale in which everyone at the show formed one huge circle around the room of two people with arms upraised and joined together to make a sort of human tunnel for a line of crouching, gyrating people to...well, just look at the photo and you'll get the idea:


Best show ever.

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