Bumbershoot Fans of the Day: Sunday


Julia, center — age 16, was my Bumbershoot Sunday top pick for "Fan of the Day." I caught up with her waiting for Brother Ali at the Exhibition Hall Stage, and she'd been around long enough to make it front and center — which is dedication in and of itself. I don't know if I've ever heard someone scream that loud before. There are tons of "underage" at Bumbershoot, but if they're like her I'd say they've earned a place. But she wasn't the only fan that I was a fan of...


This couple — whose names I didn't get for the sake of leaving the moment uninterrupted — were completely "precious" during Jakob Dylan's set at the Starbucks Stage. Aww...


And this guy — whose name I couldn't catch because he literally just didn't ever stop dancing — was loving the drum circle just past the Center House. You got rhythm?

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