Bumbershoot: Three-Sentence Review of Australia's Strange Fruit and other spectacles


Who: Australia's Strange Fruit

Where: The Fountain Lawn

When: 6:15 p.m.

Hoping to avoid lines and close proximity to strangers, I wandered around Bumbershoot looking for performers that didn't have an official stage or in some cases, an official invite.

Australia's Strange Fruit (who were invited) is an act whose players perform from atop 15-foot flexible rods. They sway around and entertain the audience with delightful skits and hijinx. The players are mostly silent but it's set to music that gives the whole thing a very soothing quality. I enjoyed it very much.


My favorite Bumbershoot squatter was this little girl who stood on a ball and played the violin while hula hooping. It was pretty adorable.

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