When Seattle’s Hip-Hop and Film Collides…


The result is Emerald City, a short film about a young man growing up in Seattle. Written and produced by Henry McComas, of Crooked Lake Productions, Emerald City was created with his deaf brother in mind. The tag is embodied both in the production and the film’s plot: “If you can’t hear the music, feel it.”

Emerald City revolves around the recurring vision of main character Elijah, also known as MC Ellipsis. The vision visits Elijah’s childhood in Louisiana, the death of his brother and the mic that he can’t imagine losing. I had a chance to see the film, and the excitement and plot that McComas comfortably fits into the span of 13 minutes is stunning.

It may be short, but the attention to detail is immaculate. The film’s visuals are subtly but purposely altered to fit the mood and the action; some scenes are smooth and flowing, others a little fuzzy around the edges and others gritty and choppy. And, of course, music fits mood immaculately. Featuring local hip-hop scene leaders such as Kublakai, D. Black and Logics, Emerald City is something that represents and speaks for the city. With parts of the film’s creation taking place in nearly every neighborhood in Seattle, the message of the city is embedded deep within.

After being widely embraced by the local hip-hop community, McComas took the film overseas where it started drawing attention after being accepted to the Cannes, Swansea Bay, and Iñigo Film Festivals. It was also just (today) accepted to the Raindance Film Festival, the UK's largest independent film festival.

The film’s local “red carpet” debut is this Friday [August 22, 8 p.m., Box Car Ale House, 3401 Gilman Avenue West]. Later on, McComas said Crooked Lake might end up posting the full film online and selling DVDs at local shows.

“I have respect for Seattle and the people who created it, and because of that I get the love and respect back,” McComas told me. “It’s all about the love for the music and the lifestyle.”

Check out the trailer below, and if you get as hyped as I am make sure to hit up Box Car Ale House on Friday night.

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