Thursday Night @ Tractor Standing Room Only - Like There Was a Choice


Kate Tucker keeps you on your feet - especially if there's nowhere to sit.

Ok, all you Tractor-goers out there answer me this - is it just me, or is Ballard's beloved tavern/live music venue in desperate need of more seating?

I stopped in last night to catch Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden (sadly, I will not get to do the same for their show at Bumbershoot, so I had to take the chance while I could) and while they definitely deserve a standing-room only crowd, it's almost ridiculous how easy that is at Tractor. I counted maybe five chairs, ten stools, and a few booths. All in all, maybe a quarter of the crowd got to sit, and they didn't even all sit at the same time.

Now don't get me wrong - I give the place major brownie points for setting up a venue with a great view of the stage from almost everywhere, and their "be nice" reminders every so often on the walls make me smile. Plus, last night was a rock-solid lineup. Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden, proving that Ballardites can still kick ass, were totally on, and fellow performers Christopher Blue, Animals at Night, and Panda and Angel are all middlin' to awesome listening. But I did get a touch tired of standing for the at least four hours of music -especially since I was wearing high-heeled boots. I don't ask much, just a few more chairs. Surely that isn't too hard?

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