This New Metallica Is...Good

I think this new Metallica song is good. When I was being rung up at Easy Street Records recently, the clerk had put on Metallica's And Justice for All. I made mention to my wife: "Oh yeah, they're gonna be at Key Arena in December." The clerk perked right up.

"Apparently they're new record is awesome," said he.

"Really?" I said. "It's about time."

He went into a story I've now heard repeated a few times...that when British journalists were recently given a preview of the new record, Death Magnetic, that they all thought it was the best shit they'd heard from the band since their self-titled "black" album.

The band is obviously going to be on the media blitz for this one. Available for streaming on Myspace is one track from Death Magnetic called "The Day That Never Comes". I've listened to it several times since yesterday morning and I gotta say...if this track is any indication, those British journos might be right. First, it contains all the familiar Metallica elements: a pretty, melodic beginning from Kirk Hammett that gets punctured by Lars Ulrich's rifle-fire drumming. The whole songs ramps up to some major shred action and stop-on-a-dime rhythm changes. It sounds like they're enjoying what they do, something I'd argue they haven't sounded like in a while. Razor-sharp stuff. Best of all, James Hetfield sounds re-invigorated. All you metalheads keep your fingers crossed that the rest of the record sounds like this!

Click to listen!

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