Nathan Hale Kids & Lady GaGa Kick Ass


Nathan Hale Kids & Lady GaGa Kick Ass

  • Nathan Hale Kids & Lady GaGa Kick Ass

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    Whee! I got to meet dance diva Lady GaGa! No wonder I'm grinning like a fool.

    I’ve been meaning to blog about 89.5’s Listener Appreciation Party at Nathan Hale High School since Sunday night. (Translation: I followed the listener party’s headliner Lady GaGa from the NHHS campus to Neighbor’s that evening and got too drunk.)

    This was the first time c89.5 sponsored a live performance and it was fantastic to see the radio station bring in such a big name from the dance scene. Richard J. Dalton, who teaches the radio broadcasting course, deserves props for the hard work he’s put into making sure that this class is as awesome as possible for his students. I hated high school. And had I been able to take a course like his, I probably would have hated it a little less.

    On a sidenote: I appreciate the kids at Nathan Hale because they are the only ones in this damn city who will play Robyn’s “Cobrastyle” on the radio. Why doesn’t anybody else have Robyn on their rotation?!? I don’t get it.

    ANYWAY, the show was awesome. And Lady GaGa impressed bigtime. How she pulled off such a rock star performance in a high school auditorium is beyond me. I interviewed her afterwards (look for the SW feature this October) but I held back on my question about her leotard. I’m kind of curious as to how the hell a woman doesn’t get a yeast infection wearing something that is so tight in the nether regions. Ouch!

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