Last Night: Tech N9ne at The Moore


Tech N9ne makes sweet, freaky love to my camera during his performance at The Moore Theatre on Wednesday night.

Though I couldn’t help thinking that the Strange Noize Tour was out of place at the historic Moore Theater — and seeing it fill up with pot smoke was a little painful — there was no issue filling the 2,800 person capacity venue.

I’d almost rather not even mention openers Hed P.E. and Kottonmouth Kings, but I have to briefly. Hed P.E. was so pissed off, about everything, all the time. They were aggressively political (which I liked), but in a rape-emo-kids kind of way (which was funny, but ultimately annoying). And Kottonmouth Kings… well, I fell asleep during their set. Three times. No lie. I just know I’d feel pretty worthless if all my songs were about toking up. In fact, I don’t even know how they can write that many songs about the ganj.

But as soon as Tecca Nina came on stage, it was all over. He stumbled out from behind the tarps, clad in all white with the signature straight jacket, and whipped the crowd into a ridiculous frenzy almost instantaneously. And when Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun unexpectedly joined him on stage, it was all over.


The place was packed — especially the pit — and seemingly everyone was a little drunk, a little high and ridiculously excited for the show.

Tech didn’t get too dark, too intense or too focused on his new double-album (“Killer”), but just put on a straight-up great show that included classic tracks like “I’m a Player” and “Caribou Lou” — he even brought a pitcher of the signature drink onstage. I was really just amazed at how fast these guys could rap; years ago it was just Bustah Rhymes and Twista that could move like that, but the mind-blowing speed onstage at the Moore last night was ridiculous (especially the back-and-forth between Tech and Krizz).


Krizz Kaliko sings to a girl brought onstage during “The Sexorcist,” with Tech watching from behind.

Tech seemed to be having a great time, and he showed the crowd as much love as they could have ever hoped for. This tour stop is an example of exactly why T-9 is the biggest independent rapper out there.

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