Last Night: Little Penguins, Faunts, Patterns at Sunset Tavern


Little Penguins' vocalist and guitarist Will Penguin. The band performed Sunday, Aug. 3 at the Sunset Tavern.

Sunday nights are one of the slowest of the week for show-goers; most people prefer to go out on Saturday night, recuperate Sunday, and do it all over again Monday or Tuesday evening, if there's something going on. But that's what made last night's show at the Sunset so appealing and intimate-- because there were only about two dozen people in the bar at the height of attendance.

I got to the show about ten minutes before Faunts, a Canadian pop band from Edmonton, Alberta, came onstage to play what turned out to be their very first Seattle show. The four-piece band has an album out on New York-based Friendly Fire Records, and there's another one on the way. Faunts do the post-rock thing, and though it's a style you've heard before, they do it well, with a dynamic, engrossing sound that's quite appealing. It's easy to get why they've shared stages with Canadian powerhouses like Broken Social Scene, even though synthesized music plays a far smaller role in Faunts than it does in BSS.

Then the Little Penguins came onstage to play what turned out to be another very, very short set, but the patrons left at the Sunset seemed enraptured all the same by the Penguins, who play pop songs that are just as adorable as the band's namesake. And though they didn't play my favorite jam (my fault: I coulda made a request), the Little Penguins made at least one new fan last night, who, in the dead silence between songs that means people are paying attention, shouted, "YOU GUYS ARE BLOWING MY MIND!!" from her barstool. They've just finished recording a new album, and I'll keep you updated on its availability.

Even though I would've liked a longer set from both bands, it wasn't all bad that the thing ended at 11:45, because I, like everyone else, was pretty wiped out from my weekend. And if you, like most of us, aren't into the Sunday night thing, the Little Penguins will be at Chop Suey August 12 with the Winebirds, which will be a very worthy way to spend a Tuesday night...and next time, I'll make it a point to see Patterns, who were also on the bill but, because they started on time and played a short set (and because yours truly showed up too late), I missed their set. Sorry, guys.

Also, my apologies to those band members who are not's because of poor lighting and my inferior concert photography skills, not because I like you less than your comrades.


Little Penguins' Jerry Peerson on guitar, as opposed to on keyboard


Little Penguins skins-hitter Garret Croxon contemplating his drumkit


Faunts' bassist Scott Gallant and vocalist-guitarist Stephen Batke


Scott Gallant and keyboardist-vocalist-guitarist Tim Batke

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