Farewell, Mr. Ayers


Calling Dr. Love

Sonic Boom co-founder, Control Group mastermind, and Long Winters drummer Nabil Ayers was married a couple of weeks ago and is now moving to New York City with his new wife. I'm happy for Nabil, but man, I hate to see the guy go. Aside from being one of my favorite people to bullshit with about metal (we have an ongoing KISS argument as old as the hills), he's also in possession of that rare quality among music industry veterans: perpetual fan status. Ayers is a huge music fan who still geeks out like a 16-year old, whether it's over Marilyn Manson's stage show or a new local band he loves, like Lonely H. He's a good egg, and many people will miss him. You can say good-bye to him tonight after 9 p.m. at the Hazlewood in Ballard, where his Sonic Boom family is throwing him what will surely be a boozy and misty-eyed bon voyage.

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