Beloved Local Guitarist Joe Shikany Dies in Tragic Accident


Just got a voice message from Connie Dunn, owner of the Rimrock Steak House on Lake City Way. Last night, at a lake north of his native Spokane, Joe Shikany, the wonderful veteran guitarist from the Davanos, Powercell, N-Sane, and the Paul Rodgers Band, died after being struck by a fallen tree in heavy winds. Dunn says that the Rimrock will be staging the wake to end all wakes tonight in the Stirrup Room, which will feature live music from Shikany's local bands. In the course of my researching this story about the bar, the bands, and their neighborhood, I didn't meet a single person who didn't adore Shikany. I adore him too, and know that he'd like nothing more than for everyone to show up at the Rimrock and raise a glass to honor his life.

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