Maybe you hate crowds. Maybe you've got to work during the day. Or maybe, at 40 bucks a pop, tickets to Bumbershoot are too rich


Bumbershoot: It's Not The Only Thing Going On This Weekend

Maybe you hate crowds. Maybe you've got to work during the day. Or maybe, at 40 bucks a pop, tickets to Bumbershoot are too rich for your blood (and I tell you what: without a press pass, they'd be too rich for mine). Here are some other shows happening this weekend that we recommend:



Orbitron, who's performing at the Asian Hip Hop Summit

The Asian Hip Hop Summit, featuring Dumbfounded, Lyraflyp, Chosen 1, Youthinasia, DJ Dstrukt, Sonny Bonoho, Orbitron, Know Choice, DJ Rise, Daichi Diez, DJ Soul One, L-Brother, Rob Nice, DJ B-Girl

Nectar Lounge, 9 p.m., $5

I wrote about it in this week's Short List. I urged you all to attend. Now, I'm just repeating myself. Some of the West Coast's finest up-and-coming emcees will perform at this show, for a measly five smackers. At the very least, it's worth going to see Orbitron if you haven't managed to catch him live yet.

Black Crabs CD release jam

Slim's Last Chance Chili Shack & Watering Hole, 8 p.m. probably cheap, if not free

Even if you don't dress like an extra from the set of Grease, rockabilly outfit the Black Crabs will show you a good time anyway. (what is it with the color "black" at the helm of every other band name nowadays?)

The Pharmacy with Mattress, Stabbings, and Yes, Oh Yes

Comet Tavern, 9 p.m. (i think) $6

The Pharmacy do a psychedelic garage pop type thing, which they offer to the public via Don't Stop Believin' Records, a label that also hosts the likes of Tacocat, Yes, Oh Yes (who are, as you probably noticed, on tonight's bill and also lots of fun) and recently, See Me River for a split release, Time Machine, with Aviation Records. The Pharmacy are going on tour soon, and this is their second-to-last show before that happens.

The Whore Moans, Wallpaper

Sunset Tavern, 10 p.m., $7

The Whore Moans play thrash punk, while Wallpaper is an up 'n comin' K Records band with a '60s garage shtik that's a little less loud, but just as awesome. Trust us. You'll dig it, if you don't already.

The rest of our weekend picks, coming right up after the jump!



Chris Brecht

Chris Brecht, Montana Slim, Captain Gravel

Conor Byrne's, 9 p.m., probably cheap

Austin-based songwriter Chris Brecht made an album that could be a lost Ryan Adams recording, from back when he still sounded more like a country singer. Ask him to play "Absinthe." Though it won't be as good without the full band, you'll get a taste of his brilliance. Hopefully he'll come back with the full band (that's not a request, Brecht. DO IT.)

Jesse's (of the Maldives) 30th Birthday Bash with the Curious Mystery, JD & the Schmidty Boys, the Beautiful Clarks, Pipsiseweh, DJ's Josie & Melanie

I've already gushed about the Curious Mystery a lot, on this blog and in the paper, so I'll spare you any more blathering, so let's just say that this band does psychedelia right. I predict great success for them, so catch 'em while they and the cover charge are still small. Also, if you like the Maldives, but can't see them at Bumbershoot this weekend, you can at least party with them tonight. Be sure not to miss JD & the Schmidty Boys!

Onry Ozzborn & the Gigantics, Nite Owls (Barfly, Gatsby, Mr. Hill), Sapient, DJ Maze

High Dive, 10 p.m., $7

An evening of up-and-coming side projects populated with members of popular local hip hop crews, such as Grayskul (Onry), the Saturday Knights/Old Dominion (Barfly), Cancer Rising (Gatsby) and Sandpeople/Debaser (Sapient). All of these dudes come strongly recommended by rappers and head-nodders everywhere.

Bon Iver, AA Bondy, Night Canopy

Neumos, 8 p.m., $12 advance

I'll just quote Michael Alan Goldberg here, since everyone BUT me seems to love For Emma, Forever Ago with a rabid intensity I personally find baffling:

One of the more remarkable things about music is that even after you think you've heard something done to death, someone inevitably comes along and raises your hairs and sends shivers down your spine and moves your soul and makes you feel like you're hearing that thing for the very first time. For example, there are a million and one dudes with acoustic guitars strumming away in the world, but Bon Iver – nominally rural Wisconsinite Justin Vernon, though he tours with a small backing band – virtually reinvents the archetype, much like Elliott Smith or our own Damien Jurado. MAG

Sunday (what? You're not working tomorrow! Or are you?)


The bona fide Old 97s (for some strange reason, I can't find a decent photo of the Satellite Riders)

Satellite Riders, Downpilot

Tractor Tavern, $25, 9 p.m.

Expensive? Yes. By Jove, you could buy a respectable bottle of whiskey for that much money (or a huge cheap one)! But for those of you who can't see the Old 97s at Bumbershoot on Labor Day, this is a good consolation prize...if not better. (cough, nudge, elbow, wink)

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