A Few Hempfest Suggestions


I'm with Seely: Hempfest never really got me all that jazzed. I mean, I'm all for it, believe me, but I've long felt the musical acts could not only be a little stronger, but more reflective of the power of positive dope smoking. I'm not talking about Snoop, necessarily, but to whomever books the bands for this deal, let's start thinking about the newly-reunited Beachwood Sparks for next year, perhaps. Or Wooden Shjips (jesus, that's a pot-cookie favorite if ever there was one), Om (imagine blissing out to such heaviness in Myrtle Edwards Park, eh?), even Del tha Funky Homosapien, or the Black Angels, or John Prine. Hell, Tom Petty or Neil Young would probably be the most ideal now that the Dead are no longer around. But I'm not even talking about anyone that huge. Marijuana permeates damn near every nook and cranny of music: If we wanna raise awareness of its benefits to society, let's prove it with a solid lineup, dammit!

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