While You Were Nursing A Hangover Yesterday...

because you got totally wasted at SP20 Day 1 (or at West Seattle Summerfest, which had its own little grunge thing going on), here's what you missed if you didn't manage to show up to SP20 before dinnertime (real illness is, of course, legit.)

The Ruby Suns


Okay, I really like the Ruby Suns' newest album, Sea Lion. I said as much in our SP20 Special Edition Short List. And okay, I did not see the Suns' whole set because I forgot about the $5 parking and had to turn around to hit up 7-11 on my way in. But apparently, they were having technical difficulties the whole way through-- and it was still happening when I got there-- and the rich aural landscapes these guys paint seemed sort of incomplete...but that doesn't mean I wasn't stoked to see them live for the first time, just that I think it might be best to see them headlining their own show.

The Grand Archives


Curtis Hall looks like such a badass here.

Blitzen Trapper


These guys filled the TBA slot between Grand Archives and Kinski, so that was pretty unexpected and awesome. I like Michael Van Pelt's hair in this one.

More photos later on, once I've sorted through them all!

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