While We're At Re: Girl Trouble...


So, that Girl Trouble deal is pretty funny, eh? It wouldn't be a Sub Pop event without a little salt thrown in the wound for good meaure! Personally, I'm pleased as shit with the lineup they put together (Beachwood F'n Sparks!) It's actually better than I expected, probably cuz I wasn't placing all my bets on a Soundgarden or TAD reunion, or anything like that.

BUT...that doesn't mean there aren't bands I wouldn't mind seeing. So, if any of the following bands feel like joining Girl Trouble in playing uninvited somewheres in Marymoor Park, I'd enjoy it very much...

Big Chief

Saint Etienne

Scud Mountain Boys


Zen Guerilla

Six Finger Satellite

Plexi (just because...)




Any takers?

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