Last Night: Styx versus Boston at Marymoor Park



Live Review: Boston played Marymoor Park with Styx on Thursday, July 10.

They were just another band out of Boston on the road trying to make ends meet. Except they managed to sell over 50 million albums and infiltrate all rock radio stations in the 70s and 80s. Oh, nostalgia.

Last night Boston played at sold-out Marymoor Park. Their opening act was Styx… does that make sense? My mother, a fierce fan off Tommy Shaw, claims it doesn’t. I casually mentioned the two bands were coming into town and my mother was suddenly on a flight to Seattle. I hadn’t seen the woman for eight months. I cursed Shaw and his girly locks.

Styx hit the stage with two of its original members Shaw and James “J.Y.” Young. Shaw pretty much looked exactly the same as he did in his heydey. Young didn’t, but he still strutted his stuff. Rendition highlights: “Young Miss America” and “Come Sail Away.” I was a little bummed that Styx’s 75 minute set didn’t include “Mr. Roboto.” But the gracious Shaw said that despite wanting to play forever, there was another band in the house.

Suddenly, the 40-somethings next to me lost their minds. The Bill Gates look alike shrieked like a little girl. His wife began playing the air guitar and nearly throttled me in the head during one of her psuedo-chords. A gangly guy came onstage and I asked my mother whether I should shell out $8 for a hot dog or starve for another two hours. She gave me a withering stare and told me to shut my mouth, Tom Scholz was onstage. Turns out the gangly guy was not, as I thought, one of the stage crew.

He was soon joined by his bandmates and Boston launched into “I Had a Good Time.” He and Gary Pihl (is it just me, or does the guy look like James Woods with a guitar?) are the only longtime members. Sadly, lead vocalist Brad Delp committed suicide last year. The songs stand the test of time. But the comparisons are endless and everybody’s always gonna agree that the original band kicked more ass.

DeCarlo, who replaced Delp, is on leave from his job at a Home Depot in North Carolina. (Pretty sweet side job he’s got goin’). And he’s awesome at belting out the band’s arguably most recognizable hit “More Than a Feeling.” But the performance played out more as a tribute than it did a Boston reunion.

But man, those baby boomers went nuts. I became my mother’s favorite daughter last night. (So screw my little sister and her fancy UCLA education.) And I’ve been listening to “Something About You” all morning.

Last night rocked whether you were a diehard Styx or Boston fan. These guys are all old enough to need Viagra, but the ladies still love ‘em. That now includes me.

(Note: This post was changed to correct an error pointed out by a commenter. Queen has toured with Bad Company's Paul Rogers in recent years.)

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