On Tigertail's Walls: Jimenez, Musselman, Murphy

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These photos (and others) by local photographers Sarah Joann Murphy, Laura Musselman, and Jenny Jimenez will be on display at Tigeretail from August 7th through September 30. Why these three, in particular? Well, 1) because they are awesomely talented, 2) they are great, great people, and 3) they've been the go-to gals for our own Hannah Levin for quite some time.

Ms. Levin curated this little show and has more to say about it, so I'll stop rambling. More info after the jump.

You Say Good-Bye, I Say Hello

A Group Photography Show featuring the work of Jenny Jimenez, Laura Musselman, and Sarah Joann Murphy, curated by Hannah Levin


The carefully edited collected works of three of Seattle’s most prolific and talented live music photographers.

No, really, what?

Jimenez, Musselman and Murphy will each be displaying a series of photos by bands either playing their last show ever (Jimenez’s bold and bittersweet shots of Sleater-Kinney’s final performance at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland circa 2006), or experiencing a triumphant homecoming (Musselman’s exclusive shots of Death Cab For Cutie’s return to the Admiral Theatre in Bremerton in early 2008, shortly after Plans had just gone platinum) or a rebirth of sorts (Murphy’s vivid and intimate shots of a recharged Mudhoney unveiling The Lucky Ones at the Sunset earlier this year). Sample images from each photographer are attached.


Tigertail in Ballard

704 NW 65th St, Seattle, WA 98127

206-781-TAIL (8245)


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