More SP20 Shots

These pics came to me today via Seattle Weekly's associate publisher Wendy Geldien! She recieved them from her friend Tim Selbaugh who snapped these suckers with his cellphone camera. They are kinda interesting for a couple reasons, noted below the pics in italics...


The guitarist in the cowboy hat is Bruce Fairweather. Our other photos from SP20 didn't show Mr. Fairweather at all, but there he is, in case you wondered what he looked like these days! Also, under Mark Arm's elbow it appears to be none other than Bruce's wife Steph Fairweather (full disclosure, she secured me a loan for my house) and behind Mark's back you'll see former Soundgarden/ current Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron


It was pretty obvious that Stone Gossard and Steve Turner were having a blast playing dueling guitar hero that night...but check out STONE GOSSARD'S GUITAR FACE!!!! Also, if you squint, you'll see local guitar icon Kim Thayil behind the text-messaging dude with the red stripe on his shirt.

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