Last Night: The Subways at Chop Suey


The Subways lead singer and guitarist Billy Lunn dives into the crowd during Monday night’s show at Chop Suey. Check out a slideshow of photos from the night.

I walked into Chop Suey a little after 9 p.m., and lone opener Thee Sgt. Major III was just a few songs away from finishing their set. It was a good warm-up, but the night wasn’t about them — in fact, they hadn’t even been mentioned prior to the night of the show. It was about The Subways.

Near ten, singer/guitarist Billy Lunn walked onstage, shirtless, “strawberry blonde” tattooed across his stomach… it was gonna be good. When they broke into “Oh Yeah” three songs in, the crowd went nuts.

I’ve been to a lot of shows at Chop Suey lately — a lot of shows — and this was easily the best I’ve seen there. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that it was the best I’ve seen this summer. The energy level was through the roof, and even though the band was on and off the stage in under an hour I didn’t feel the least bit ripped off. I wanted more because it was just that good. The seemingly arbitrary fire code max capacity of 247 was surely met, and maybe exceeded. The place was packed. And interestingly, it wasn’t the bar that was full as it usually is — it was the floor.


Lunn jumps off the drum set as The Subways play Chop Suey on Monday night.

During the performance of “Alright,” I was blown away; Lunn’s vocals sounded just as raw and powerful as I could’ve hoped, and bassist/singer Charlotte Cooper’s echoes were just as hauntingly pure.

I found their stage chemistry impressive, and honestly pretty amazing considering the two went through a breakup just over a year ago. That didn’t seem to bother anyone though, and it was easy to see that all three of them were having a blast onstage. For all the youthful fun — of which there was a plentiful amount — Lunn’s youthful appearance masks the maturity that becomes evident when he begins to sing. And to give credit where credit is due, drummer Josh Morgan was working his ass off — the gnashing teeth formed into a concentrated grimace that seemingly never left his face.


My penchant for quickly developing massive crushes on rock star chicks didn’t fail, and I found myself completely enamored by Cooper.

All three are entertainers, and good ones at that. But for all the jumping off bass drums and flowing blonde hair and dousing audience members with bottled water, it was impossible to ignore the musical talent possessed by all three. And when they come together… well, check out their new sophomore record “All Or Nothing.” You’ll see.

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