Last Night: The Classic Crime's CD Release Show at The Showbox


An audience member rocks out during The Classic Crime’s set at their CD release show, held July 23 at The Showbox. Check out a slideshow of photos from the night here.

I’m watching the stage bend and flex. Amps quake, and it feels as though I’m about to fall through the floor. Who could inspire such mayhem, you ask? Why, none other than Seattle’s own The Classic Crime. And if you haven’t heard of them… well, you’re about to.

Setting the first week album sales record for label Tooth and Nail with their 2006 debut “Albatross” — beating out bands like Emery, MxPx and Underoath — was a milestone accomplishment. And though according to lead singer Matt MacDonald the band tries not to set expectations, selling out The Showbox for their concert coinciding with the release of sophomore effort “The Silver Cord” is a good sign.

But speaking with MacDonald before the show, that didn’t even seem to be a concern. “It’s just fun to come home and have a big line out front,” he said. “The energy here in Seattle is awesome — it’s a really good vibe.”

The laid-back offstage persona disappeared come show time, though, and the energy MacDonald and all of The Classic Crime channeled with the audience made their set whiz by in what seemed to be only a matter of minutes. In reality, they did a great job of introducing new tracks (“Abracadaver,” “5805”) with favorites from their debut (“The Coldest Heart,” “Say The Word”). Best of all, you could tell they were having fun. And that meant the crowd had fun. It was a hometown show, in the very best of ways.


Matt MacDonald sings during The Classic Crime’s CD release concert.

Because they emphasized recording methods for “The Silver Cord” that oftentimes involved recording on one take and avoided digital processing whenever possible, the music sounded just like it was supposed to. And, if I can gush a little more, besides being dynamic performers and talented musicians, they’re genuinely nice guys. MacDonald didn’t even storm off when I mistook him for the tour manager — seriously, sorry dude!


Moneta lead singer perches on top of an amp during Tuesday night’s show.

A few quick thoughts about the openers: first off, they totally rocked. It was great seeing an all-Seattle lineup there to support a Seattle band, but it wasn’t a charity billing either. Moneta and Holyfield clearly had cultivated their own followings, as was evident by the screaming throngs of fans that sang along with every word. Props to Tre with Epidemic Music for putting the bands together. Moneta will be playing shows in the area (including Warped Tour and FreedomFest), but Holyfield is done, at least for the time being.

If you missed them this time around, never fear: Warped Tour is quickly approaching, and The Classic Crime’s leg includes a stop at The Gorge Amphitheater. In the meantime, grab “The Silver Cord” and give it a listen. I mean, do you really want to wait until their headlining tour if you can just see them in a few weeks?

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