Last Night: SP20 Comedy Show @ The Moore

Who: Kristen Schaal, Todd Barry, Eugene Mirman, Patton Oswalt, David Cross

Where: The Moore

When: Fri., July 11

For me, last night's SP20 comedy show was all about Eugene Mirman and Patton Oswalt. Eugene Mirman, especially.

I've tried for an hour now to write what, exactly, was so funny about last night. But it's useless to type a joke without hearing these comics deliver it in their own inimitable styles. So, here are just a few notes on the night overall...

1. Sitting in the Moore's upper balcony was like sitting in a broiler.

2. Todd Barry is a new favorite comedian of mine. I'd never seen him before, but his mix of Steven Wright-ish low energy delivery and faux egoism is impeccable. The dude can tell the most mundane stories (such as when a guy came up and sat on his lap in Sweden, snapped his picture, and ran off, leaving a nearby woman to comment: "That man is boundaryless.") and they're hilarious.

3. Eugene Mirman has really come a long way as a comic. His timing, his confidence, his delivery, and his new material, are all so much more developed. It's obvious he's been working his ass off.

4. Eugene's "Grunge Memories" video, in which he mocked rockumentaries especially for Sub Pop's anniversary was un-fucking-believable! ("And then there was this one night Pavitt and Poneman and I all bought horses and rode out of the city.") That needs to be made available on YouTube or something asap.

5. Patton Oswalt is an absolute pro. All he needed to do was make fun of the new Indiana Jones movie and I was dying. Like I said, dude had me in tears.

6. Patton Oswalt really should be headlining and should be more well known.

7. I love David Cross, but I think he was having an off night. He seemed a little distracted and un-prepared (he did have Oswalt tell a joke so he could go offstage and find his notes). However, he did bring up something that I think is one of the most disturbing things about our society and culture: Why the fuck do so many people pay $12 to go see movies (Iron Man, Sex in the City) that they know are gonna suck?!?!!?

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