Last Night: Freeway at Chop Suey


Freeway raps during his set at Chop Suey on Saturday night. Check out a slideshow of photos from the night here.

Though the recent purchase of Seattle’s Chop Suey by Japan-based K’s Dream will eventually mean the end of the venue as we know it, last night’s hip-hop show was an example of the importance it’s had to the city. And was a super, super sick show.

In typical hip-hop fashion the show that opened its doors at 8:30 didn’t get going until nearly 11, but once it did the energy level stayed high. Freeway, the baddest bearded-est rapper from Philly, came on just before one. He built on the energy of the MCs who had been on stage before him and interacted really well with the crowd. The performance of “Take it to the Top” was off the hook, especially after he ended it a cappella.


Seattle MC D.Black emerges from the dimly lit fog on stage at Chop Suey.

Aside from the Philly MCs act, the show was high energy and incredibly entertaining. It was also a huge step forward for the Northwest hip-hop scene: where Seattle artists were once separated from their non-206 counterparts, the show at Chop Suey combined city favorites Cancer Rising and D.Black with “Tacoma’s favorite white rapper” Jay Barz.


Jay Barz, a Tacoma native, raps during his opening set.

The audience was great too — the bar and pit were both packed, and the vibe throughout the club was positive and smooth. Lots of those attending the show were friends of performers, which added to the chill — but still energetic — atmosphere.

The night really just felt like a showcase of the talented MCs who are behind the explosion of Northwest hip-hop, and aside from being a great show was huge for the progression of the movement. That was not a bad thing.


Cancer Rising, a Seattle hip-hop trio, performs during their set on Saturday night.

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