David Berman: Apparently Over His Stage Fright

because the Silver Jews are touring this fall and will be here in Seattle on October 2nd at Neumo's.


I found Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea to be sort of disappointing (a little too produced, lyrics not as interesting, occasionally feels like I'm listening to a record called David Berman Does Morrissey!), but I can never get enough of the Jews, and there are a few gems like "San Francisco B.C" and "My Pillow is the Threshold" that I like quite a lot. I saw the Jews on their first tour at Musicfest NW two years ago, WITH Stephen Malkmus, and it was hands down one of the top three shows I've ever seen in my short young life.

I'm giving you ample notice. There is no reason not to attend this show. Unless you don't like the Silver Jews, in which case there is no hope for you anyway.

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