Last Night: The Dodos at Neumo's


The Dodos played Neumo's on Wednesday, June 25. All photos by Chris Kornelis.

Three songs into the Dodos' set, Wednesday at Neumo's, I thought to myself how great it was that I wasn't experiencing The Dodos as filler during some summer festival.

Two songs later I headed for the door.

I've had this problem with their record, Visiter, too. It's not bad. Quite the contrary. I like the minimalism, inasmuch as the band is, essentially, a duo with occasional help. And there was something about the way the two utilized their musicianship -- Logan Kroeber took a turn on trombone, Meric Long played the rims of the drums as well as he did the heads -- in a way that resembled more of a recital than a rock concert. But, I'm not compelled to listen to more than 15 minutes of it. But, I find myself gravitating to those few minutes frequently. I have the same issue with Tyler Ramsey's record, A Long Dream About Swimming Across the Sea. I've actually created a digital EP from that record, which I listen to a few times a week. I dig his music. I just can't get through the whole LP, so I take the cream.

Increasingly, I'm subscribing to the idea Ron Heathman, of The Supersuckers, threw at me a couple years ago:

"Who really has that much to say? Nobody. Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Steve Earl, that's it. The rest of us just need to be making singles."


As I hit the road, Spencer Moody -- formerly of The Murder City Devils, current operator of The Anne Bonny, and the show's opener, Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death -- hit his cell phone. He seriously walked/sat right into this picture. I love his hat. If I had a head -- and ego -- that could fit a conventional headpiece, I'd pick that one. Or, maybe one of these.



Not that there's ever a bad time for whiskey and Pabst, but I sure saw a lot of it last night. I shared a few pitchers of PBR, myself. But, everyone else -- including the early-drinkin' crowd at The Whiskey Bar -- had a glass of dark stuff.




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