Bop Street Records Forced To Move


Of course it was too good to be true! How could a vinyl lover's paradise like Bop Street possibly keep its head held high while Old Awesome Ballard became New Bullshit Ballard?!?! (thanks to Chris from Kinski for the latter terminology)

I was just down at Bop Street filling in the gaps in my early 80s Lou Reed when I overheard the girl at the counter telling other patrons about some impending move. I asked her about it and she explained that Second Ascent (the outdoor enthusiasts joint) bought the building a couple months ago. Bop Street has two years to figure out what its going to do, but so far, nothing is definite. However, the girl did add that when the time does come to move officially...they'll be desperately needing volunteers to help move the product, of which there is, umm, a lot. So, it's good to know the joint isn't closing...and who knows, maybe they'll offer some vinyl in exchange for volunteer hours.

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