Why You Should Always Pack a Bottle of Urine When Going to See The Mars Volta


Cedric Bixler-Zavala, seconds after he tried to snatch our photog's livelihood. Photo by Renee McMahon.

The Mars Volta, 7:15 p.m.ish, Sasquatch! Mainstage

When I saw The Mars Volta at EndFest 2007, the band walked off the stage early, with frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala explaining that someone had thrown urine at the band. During today's set, we discovered why: he's the kind of guy who should be showered in piss. Consider the evidence:

-- During the first song, he picked up the drummer's ride cymbal and stand and chucked it into the audience. (In junior high, I observed such a combo fall off a table and crack a kid's head open.)

-- He later tossed an electric fan into the audience.

-- He then tried to take a videographer's camera away from him, in front of the stage.

-- When he couldn't get the video camera, he turned his attention to SW PHOTOGRAPHER RENEE MCMAHON and TRIED TO TAKE HER CAMERA AWAY FROM HER.

I have to wonder: What would it have taken to have the plug pulled on these clowns? I ask you, Live Nation brass, what had to be hurled into your ticket-paying audience's face to make this happen? A guitar? An amp?

Where's freshly bottled urine when you need it!?

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