Sasquatch I Heard This: The Shaky Hands


Gotta admit, it took me awhile to get into Portland's Shaky Hands. At first, I pegged them for being to Shins-y. Later, I chalked this up to nothing more than the fact that they are an indie pop band heavily influenced by 60s pop and folk, and happened to be from Portland, Oregon...y'know, much like The Shins. But the Shaky Hands are much looser and shaggier than James Mercer and Co. Whereas The Shins are grounded by a sort of self-consciousness onstage and off, The Shaky Hands got a lotta soul and love nothing more than getting sweaty on a stage. Think: second-hand bicycles, front porches in need of a paint job, Otis Redding on the turntable, beer from a can, and 4-track recorders in the basement. Or, imagine a Reed College-educated Catfish Haven. Listen to The Shaky Hands here.

The Shaky Hands play Sasquatch's Yeti! Stage, 1:05 p.m., Saturday, May 24.

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